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John Gillan Photography Digital Post Production Services

Have you ever taken a photograph on vacation or at a special occasion and wish it looked better but didn't know how to accomplish this or where to get it done? Many times photographs from important events are forgotten because they just don't have the pizzazz you wanted. Digitally enhancing images changes a dull and gloomy picture into a bright and exciting one.



John Gillan Photography brings digital postproduction services to you. Having a professional career in photography and extensive experience with a digital darkroom this is a great source for digital enhancing services.

We service businesses, amateur photographers and these days everyone has a camera at their fingertips. There are numerous retouching professionals in the market and most cater to commercial photographers, the advertising and fashion world. It is hard to find a digital enhancing specialist who works with the general public.

Many times budget is a concern and business owners choose to photograph aspects of their business themselves. The images are often unusable and lack professional quality. John Gillan Photography can take a mundane photograph and turn it into a great looking image. Photographs project your business image and are the first thing people see when they are looking at your company brochure or website. We feel it is vital to always look your best.

Part of our digital enhancing services for people and portraits include Revitalize skin tones, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, minimize wrinkles, remove scars and blemishes. This is all done in a very natural way and looks real.

If you have a building or landscape image that requires additional impact our digital services can bring out the color in the sky and overall appearance, enhance the quality of light and bring out more detail.

We provide personal attention and estimates before the project starts.

All you have to do is contact the studio and send your files over for review.

If you want to learn how to digitally enhance images yourself, John Gillan Photography teaches workshops on this subject. Each workshop is catered to your specific needs. A workshop can be arranged for 2 hours, a full day or even a week.



Please tell him thank-you sooooo much."

C.H Davie, FL

"John's expertise goes beyond that of the professional photographer, and his heart reaches beyond that of the average man. Since 2011 John has volunteered his time and energy to do the post editing on my wildlife photographs that I publish for a non-profit organization founded in memory of my son who lost his battle to cancer when he was 20 years old.

John has such kind and gentle patience when working with me and my amateur photographs, turning them into professional works of art for publishing in an annual calendar. His experience and precision with the different post editing software programs is phenominal! Taking my over exposed shots blurred by the speed of nature, he efficiently corrects the imperfections, creating a photograph that is of National Geographic quality.

Not only does John work on my photographs, but he teaches me about my equipment, my camera settings, my environment, and publishing as a business. His generosity includes his family, as his wife, Theresa, helps with the design of the calendar and gives her opinion on the different photographs.

To top it off, John, Theresa, and their son, Michael, join us at the annual calendar launch party each November. John adds to the calendar launch by also professionally printing and framing each month's photo for the silent auction. John's professional expertise and the whole family's generosity is the reason the PBL Foundation's calendar fund raiser is so successful.

Thank you, John, for all that you do!!"

Nancy Lazarowitz

President of The Paul Bryant Lazarowitz Foundation, Inc.